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I took this picture several years ago in St. John’s, Newfoundland, ironically, just off George Street.

Whenever I walk by a telephone pole I always look to see if there are any posters. I consider the handmade ones to be “folk art” and I have spent years documenting them.

I have a collection of hundreds!

Some have unmentionable clever names and photos … but these are for my private collection that I only share with close friends! 😉

This picture, I almost missed.

It is of a telephone pole that was stripped of any recognizable image save for the portion of one individual … whose face is half torn off with a staple going right through his Adam’s apple, while his bandmate to the left of him appears to be wearing a staple that has penetrated his skull – right where his sunglasses might sit!

I would love to have this band identified so I could send them a copy of this picture. I even went as far as sending it to a few agents I know to see if they knew who it was. So far, no luck.

So … if anyone out there can solve this for me, I would appreciate it!

Still searching!

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