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My bad … I have not written a blog in a long time and now there is much to tell.

Glen Willows, George Belanger and Gary Furniss (EMI Blackwood Music)

Firstly, Glen Willows and I were honoured by SOCAN in June for achieving a plateau in radio airplay with a few of our songs. My understanding is that it was an oversight that we didn’t get this award several years ago but … better late than never! We had a chance to catch up with Ralph James (original bassist for Harlequin and now President of The Agency Group) and his lovely wife at the event as we rubbed shoulders with Gordon Lightfoot, Ian Thomas, Bill Henderson, Tom Cochrane, Alan Frew and Larry Gowan among others!

Luke Doucet

Meeting Luke Doucet was a highlight for me as he is such an awesome musician and an even greater human being. We shared a few libations and stories of mutual friends. It was a wonderful night that culminated in my leaving without my award! Turns out they handed the publisher my award and I got theirs but it is now hanging in my office at home.

The band is sounding better than ever and this summer has been a lot of fun for us! Having Gary and Paul back in the band is awesome! It is evident from the crowd’s reaction that they approve of the changes too!

We would like to give a shout out to all of our new and old friends we have run into thus far this summer. Some of them have shared photos which we are glad to share with all of you!

Thank you!

A couple other photos from the SOCAN event (click to enlarge):

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