Remembering Nik

It is with great sadness and regret that I inform Harlequin fans everywhere that Rolf Peter, aka Nik Rivers, passed away on February 12th.

Most of you likely know already and I apologize for my tardiness.

Nik was well-loved by so many and known for his big charismatic personality.
Most of us were well acquainted with Nik but not too many knew what Rolf was up to.
Nik stayed up late but Rolf was an early riser.
Nik was always game for a party and Rolf was always there for his friends when needed.
Nik was always quick with a joke and self-deprecating but Rolf could be intense and serious.
Nik made life fun but Rolf dealt with the consequences.
I knew I could always count on him when the chips were down though … all I ever had to do was ask.
Nik made me laugh … a lot …. but as I write this I am wiping up my tears for Rolf and his family to whom I send all my love and condolences.
I am so grateful that I the opportunity to tell him I loved him just recently and I will treasure many great memories and thankfully a lot of laughs.

For those of you wishing to do something, Rolf’s family is wanting to set up a trust fund for a music scholarship for at-risk teenagers.
Stay tuned and I will pass the information along as I know it.
I am away on holidays and will know more when I return in mid-March.
I know a lot of ex-Harlequin members are already involved in this endeavour and I plan to jump in with both feet upon my return!

Thank you all in advance!

PS. Hey Nik … “ya know something … we all love you buddy!”

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