Harlequin’s 2023 Year-end Newsletter

Apologies for the lapse in blogs … life gets in the way. 😉

What a spectacular year so far! We’ve been coast to coast again and were lucky enough not only to see our old fans, I think we made a lot of new ones. Welcome aboard!

This year, our song “Innocence” was used in a movie called … wait for it: The End of Sex! I thought it was hilarious and I highly recommend it especially for those of you who have experienced and struggled your way through the complexities and responsibilities of parenthood! Two thumbs up from me!

Our song, “I Did It For Love” is also being used in a movie which Dean Gunnerson, Canada’s Houdini, is producing! It’s a short film about two childhood friends that get into trouble but apparently are good at “escaping” the law! Go figure! The true story of how they met in the hospital while they were in treatment together for cancer. I look forward to that one as well!

This year we had the privilege and honour to visit several First Nations Reserves whose hospitality was very humbling indeed! There were a lot of smiling faces, both young and old and it blows my mind that a lot of them were singing along to our songs. That puts a lump in your throat and makes it difficult to sing. I will never forget the young lad, of maybe 8 or 9 years, who made it to the stage with his wooden cut out guitar and played beside Derrick for about three songs. I bet the smile didn’t leave his or his parents’ faces for weeks. So cool!

It is always very cool to meet up with your peers and catch up with the latest news or reminisce about the old days. We did a lot of weekend festivals and rubbed elbows again with the likes of Kim Mitchell, Tom Cochrane, David Wilcox, and their awesome bands! What a privilege to share the stage with our long-admired peers like Lee Aaron, Aldo Nova, Streetheart, Honeymoon Suite, Chilliwack, Carole Pope, Helix, Trooper, Saga, Prism, Headpins, etc…. May I say that we admire and acknowledge their work as some of the best music in the world and we are proud of Canada’s output!

May I put in another word for some local Winnipeg talent? If you haven’t familiarized yourselves with The Bros. Landreth yet, please do not hesitate to give them a listen. Bonnie Raitt’s latest single, “Made Up Mind”, was written by them! I love Bonnie Raitt, but I beg you to listen to, and watch, their take on the song. There’s an awesome 6 minute three-piece version they do “Live” on YouTube. Friggen Awesome!!! Check it out please! To my ear, from my heart and for my taste this the best live band I have ever heard bar none! They are currently touring Europe and have with them another Manitoba product, Murray Pulver, adding his guitar and vocal prowess to an already incredible act!

I wish we could all be shot into space so that we could see how small this planet really is and how insignificant we are to this universe! For the sake of man let’s plan to truly embrace the concept of peace on earth because after all … there is only ONE race! It’s called: “The Human Race.”

Perspective my friends, it’s all about perspective!

Peace and Love


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